Title: The Dining Collection // The Galleria – Al Maraya Island Abu Dhabi 

Client: The Galleria – Al Maraya Island Abu Dhabi

Advertising Agency: Baroque Worldwide

Production Company: Baroque Worldwide 



The Galleria on Al Maryah Island is a lifestyle destination where fashion, fine dining and culture walk hand in hand. The arbitrary definitions of “F&B” and “retail” can never truly define the human desire for a holistic and fulfilling definition of a lifestyle experience. Because of our humancentric approach, Baroque did not perceive and approach this campaign by those narrow definitions. Instead we sought to combine couture, culture and cuisine into one spectacular series of artworks. Initial briefings with the client, revealed their complete understanding of the desires of the super premium Arabic market, and the result was a collaboration that progressed far outside the box. Baroque selected and engaged the fearless experimental fashion photographer Paolo Zambaldi and paired him with Didier Hagege, an artists and food stylist known for his high-art interpretation of ingredients. 


The resulting images were designed to be a multi-faceted campaign showcasing the Dining Collection, Waterfront Dining and Casual Dining through a variety of print and digital mediums, including behind the scene footage, and bloggers who were not only covering the campaign but were themselves woven into the story. 


The resulting campaign uses strikingly unique visual imagery to transport the viewer into a fantasy of food and fashion. Apart from pleasing the client and delighting the public, the campaign serves as a groundbreaking piece of creative artistry for The Galleria at Al Maryah and the region as whole.


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