Title: Meet The Masters
Client: Reed Exhibition Abu Dhabi / Jewellery and Watch Show Abu Dhabi 2018
Creative Agency: Baroque Worldwide
Production Company: Baroque Worldwide


For more than a quarter of a century, the Jewellery & Watch Show Abu Dhabi has played host to some of the best names in the business and the most discerning buyers. However, in recent times the exhibition was experiencing a low footfall largely attributed to an unfulfilling visitor experience.

Through the JWS theme of the year Meet the Masters, designed to create a meaningful connection with individual visitors, Baroque helped transform the event from being a conventional showcase of exhibitors to an experiential, engaging show full of learning and discovery for the visitors. The face of the campaign was created by producing 6 short individual documentary films featuring each Master (3 jewellery artists, an exhibitor of luxury watches, a fashion stylist, and a floral artist), and supported by articles and photography. Through these individual stories, we helped create 6 distinct experiences around the Masters such as countries and traditions, businesses and opportunities, discoveries and philosophies.

A campaign teaser with its hashtag was pushed through all social media channels with a URL link to JWS website to gain traffic. Later in the campaign, the full-length documentary was placed on JWS website. Each Master pushed their own teasers with its hashtag and the link to the URL in their circles of influence.

Results were quite promising with x 10 visitor engagement on the social media as compared to the previous year. The visitor attendance too saw an increase at the event, while organizers were able to expand the global PR reach of the event.