Title: Feed Your Passion
Client: Under500
Creative Agency: Baroque Worldwide
Production Company: Baroque Worldwide


As a melting pot of so many cultures and traditions from around the world, it’s no surprise that the United Arab Emirates has a thriving F&B scene. But new cafés and restaurants are constantly popping up and challenging older food establishments. Under500, a restaurant offering a healthier, under-500 calorie menu, needed a way to cut through the indifference of a public who are abandoning their favourite haunts in order to explore the newest dining trends on offer whenever they go out to eat.

Feed Your Passion is a collection of inspiring stories from the lives of 6 ‘achiever’ athletes and fitness enthusiasts, created to inspire patron loyalty in the Under500 brand - to help promote its core belief that a healthy and happy life is sustained by simply pursuing a fulfilled lifestyle.

Made into a series of 6 motivational videos based on the toil, determination and dreams of the achievers, Feed Your Passion uses a healthy dose of social science, words of wisdom and intense sports to speak the voice of the brand. It tries to portray that every new day in your life is a gift and an opportunity to make incredible things happen, and there is no better day than TODAY to start being a better YOU.

These videos were spread to every Under500 social media channel and tagged every achiever who is part of a specific community. Each of these individuals created a caption to announce the call-to-action #feedyourpassion.

This call-to-action united the 6 communities and created one big community under the umbrella of “A Better You.” By promoting “A Better You”, Under500 created a community of achievers and sealed its identity as a trustworthy brand with a loud spoken message to the community: ‘It’s not about losing weight; ultimately it’s about eating right, feeling good, living and maintaining a fulfilled lifestyle’.


Feed Your Passion launched in January, 2019. Results will be updated once available.