We applaud individuality and avoid dime-a-dozen work, because we truly believe that it is not a B2C relationship anymore but an H2H – Human to Human.




A melting pot of talent and an incubator of ideas, Baroque is an award winning creative production company experienced in devising integrated campaigns that establish true, gratifying and sustainable relationships between people, services, projects and products.


Our range of specialized disciplines include broadcast & digital production, interactive films, digital & web applications, responsive environments, virtual reality and immersive experiences, gaming and mobile. We also offer internationally acclaimed high-end postproduction facilities and expertise.


We are fortunate to be experiencing a significant paradigm shift, not only in the business world, but also in the entire world. A fundamental change in our view of how we have to think, feel and work in order for our soul and businesses to succeed and survive… A shift in mind-set similar in magnitude to the discovery that the world wasn’t flat but round. The time has come for the dinosaurs to leave the building.



CEO Ali Manssor

Ali Mansoor


Ali Mansoor is a fully integrated adman and film producer with 15+ years of experience in the advertising industry. He became an industry pro-player while joining forces with the world’s top rated talents delivering outstanding campaigns.

Bjarne O.


Bjarne O. is a prolific composer and versatile screenwriter multi-produced for 100+ mill. - box office hit, hit TV series, books, stage play and international awards. Studied Psychology at the University of Copenhagen.

CVO Bjarne O.
How it started

Both driven by passion for story telling, Ali and Bjarne met in connection with a feature film project. They found out that they also shared an interest in using engaging and meaningful story telling in the making of commercials. Baroque (signifying an “unpolished pearl”) took its time to launch using time and effort formulating “Baroque’s DNA” and most importantly in finding people “who could help bring that DNA to life.